Sharing Key

Enabled to remotely control, prevent crimes, and manage historical data.

Automatic Generation of Administrative Information

(economic power, employees, the number of unemployees)
(public facilities, convenience stores, supermarkets, the number of sports facilities, the number of fire and traffic accidents)
(child-care facilities・school, the number of teachers)

We show you properties through algorithm and AI

You can search for properties, choose ones, ask inquiries, and apply for a viewing by using "LINE" that is familiar app for everyone, and we'll support you over the chat tool.
Research on Artificial Intelligence.


Enabled automation of work by robots

AR-Tech [Examples of service]

"Customer List Management System"
This is what we use for sending people who look for a property, could be friends or anyone who we met, to one of our branch. By using this, the number of clients could definitely increase.

"Request Form System"
Once customers fill out the form on iPad, this system performs customer analyses based on that data.

"Rent Valuation System"
Big data analyzes and finds out the proper rent.

"Site Visit Report System"
This software massively reduce working hours.

This system helps to train employees through smart phones and iPad.

"Sharing Key"
Connected smart lock in future generations.

"AOS" (Apaman Operation System)
Store backbone system.

"APS" (Apamanshop Property management System)
PM backbone system.