CEO Message

Jump to a new stage with
technology as the core

Our company was established in 1999 with the desire to contribute to the qualitative improvement of the real estate industry by making use of IT.
Stakeholders recognized our company as a real estate company, but in reality it did not do real estate business at the time of establishment, it was a company that provides IT to real estate companies. Currently, we further expand our business areas and develop businesses of "Sharing Economy","Platform","Cloud Technology".

First, the "sharing economy" is an environment in which people can access the Internet anytime, anywhere, with the spread of smartphones, The inefficiency of assets so far can be solved by sharing and exchanging. In response to this new market, we will promote a share business in the area of "Co-working","Share Cycle","Parking".

"Co-working" has expanded the co-working space where companies with valuable technologies and business models gather, "fabbit" brand in order to further expand our group's business centered on IT, The number of members has reached 5,000.

Next, with regard to "Platform", by realizing the number of rental shops in Japan and the largest number of rental management units in Japan, it forms a huge platform such as resident and real estate owner. From now on, we would like to offer valuable services to customers on this platform.

Lastly, in regard to ""Cloud Technology", we agree with the government's Japan Revitalization Strategy 2016, the purpose of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, strengthening the development of IoT · Big Data · Artificial Intelligence. For example, IoT, where all things are connected to the Internet, is set up as a smart house every corner of rental housing, and by analyzing the accumulated data, we have realized the service that we could not imagine.

Lastly, we have been working on the “declining birthrate measures” and “Development of industry” which are the most important issues of Japan as a part of the CSR activity. For the former issue, we established 10 locations of the encounter support center called “JUNOALL” in Japan aiming for 10,000 of marriages every year. For the latter, we continue to support startups and second-time startups through fabbit.

Please look forward to the APAMAN group in the future.

Koji Omura,President, Chief Executive Officer

Apaman group‐Philosophy

Philosophy of Apaman group consists of three management philosophy and three management policies.
Philosophy of Apaman group serves as the basis for action and judgment as the values of all employees and is the foundation that supports our company.

Management Philosophy

1. We pursue the happiness of all employees and their families with a sense of mind.
2. We raise a personality without being arrogant humbly and contribute to the community.
3. We contribute to the profit improvement of a member and the FC participation shop.

Management Policies

1. We adopt advanced technology and tip business model and offer valuable service to the society.
2. We comply with laws and their spirit and aim to be a company trusted by society through fair corporate activities.
3. We will improve productivity and working conditions together with an innovative approach.